This new years weekend has been amazing. I met a few new people, got ridiculously drunk, shed some tears, took care of other ridiculously drunk people, stuffed my face with food. Spirits were so high, and I felt the love in the air. I'm glad this new year has started off perfectly.

Now for my latest addiction.
"Weekend" by Smith Westerns


Every New Years eve I try and close the year with a bang. Drinking + partying the night away with my closest friends, and family. I like to look good doing so, so today I took a trip to the city for an outfit, and/or accessories. I think half of Philadelphia was doing the same, being that there was a swarm of people in every store. In the Salvation Army which we walked in 5 minutes prior to closing, I found this beautiful black blazer (?) hiding in the dark. It reminded me of a rundown, satin robe. I had to grab it. I've also been looking for a small vintage watch for the longest, so I got lucky today and found a small Saunders watch, with some reptilian printed band. I bought three rings from a small, discreet jewelery shop - take a look!


2010 was a great year, I met a lot of amazing people, learned a lot about myself, experienced so much. Hopefully 2011 will be even better.

So this xmas, I was introduced to my new Canon SX120, and when you're extremely bored with a camera, a beautiful young lady (Xandalee) + a well lit room, this is the outcome.

Today December 29th, will be the fresh start of this blog. This is not going to be your typical blog flooded with editorials, and runway videos -though once in a while I might share my thoughts on certain collections. This blog will not be based on fashion, but will be based on me expressing myself, sharing music + art, sharing my outfit for the day. Just think of it as a "tunnel to my brain".